A Guide To Thermodynamic Solar Panels

What are Thermodynamic Solar Panels?

Thermodynamic Solar Panels are an alternative solution to solar thermal. Solar thermal works by absorbing energy from the sun which is then converted to provide hot water/ heat your property. Thermodynamics is the result of a huge advancement in solar thermal technology and works by absorbing energy from the atmosphere rather than from energy provided by the sun – this enables thermodynamic panels to… Continue reading

Official Green Deal Launch Date Announcement

The Green Deal is a hot topic at the moment so it’s no wonder that the question of a launch date remains; so when will the Green Deal actually launch? After much speculation and many different dates it seems that in actual fact the green deal launched on October 1st 2012 – that’s right, property owners could have an assessment carried out on their property from that date however… there… Continue reading

The Green Deal’s Golden Rule

The coalition Government’s project “The Green Deal” that is dubbed a game changer for the UK’s renewable energy industry (among other industries) should be up and running soon. The ambitious plan that is set to improve the efficiency of 26 million UK homes as recently raised a lot of questions including one about the back bone of the scheme (the golden rule).

What is the golden rule of the… Continue reading

Gas Prices are rising again – It’s time for an alternative!

Gas Prices are rising – again – It’s time for an alternative!

It was announced today that British gas will increase their gas prices by 6% – this now means that millions of households throughout the UK will be affected and will see an increase of around £80 in their “dual fuel” bill.

Now that two of the six largest energy suppliers have increased their prices it is… Continue reading

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Tariff – Proposal Announced

Just last the week the DECC announced that they had released proposals for a tariff which will be paid via the Renewable Heat Incentive.

This comes as fantastic news for home owners as they can now expect reduced pay back times and an additional income from the RHI.

This now means that not only can you make huge savings on your energy bills but you can also be… Continue reading

How Do Solar Panels Work?

This post is the first in a two part series exploring the workings of solar panels – first off we will start with Solar PV (Electricity) and in the next post I will move on to the workings of Solar Thermal (Hot Water).

Let’s look at the workings of solar panels in the form of solar pv and how they actually generate that electricity that allows you to power… Continue reading

What are Solar Panels?

So you’ve probably been hearing a lot of solar panel talk in the papers, on the news and possibly from your neighbours recently – as it seems the UK cant resist solar at the moment. But if you’re unfamiliar with solar your most probably wondering what  are solar panels? Why solar? And what all the fuss is about right… So I thought I would put something together to explain all… Continue reading

Gas Vs Biomass

Today’s post is brought to you by Northern Energy Solutions – a UK based renewable energy installer who are Biomass specialists.

At the moment it seems that the Renewable Heat Incentive and Biomass is the talk of the nation – some even suggesting that Biomass is about to become the next Solar Pv (hard to understand if your unaware of the biomass… Continue reading