Solar Feed in Tariff Reform

Mr Edward Davey recently released a statement regarding the future of the popular Solar Feed in Tariff – Edward Davey (in his ministerial statement) suggests that the Feed in Tariff needs to be reformed, a statement I am sure we all agree with but is it the reform we hope for?

Here it is (in layman terms) a break down of the “Crucial Reform” Mr Edward Davey recently released.

All installations from March 3rd onwards will receive the 21p Per kWh Solar Feed in Tariff.

From April those wishing to have a solar installation will be required to supply an EPC or Energy Performance Certificate, this certificate must be present before an installation can take place and its not free – Although I cant provide a concrete answer in relation to the cost of an EPC I can speculate that you will be looking at around £200. The EPC is valid for 10 years and will be essential when buying & selling your home as well as having a renewable energy installation.

To add to the reform the Government is now suggesting that the Solar Feed in Tariff should be reviewed every 6 months to ensure everyone benefits from the Solar Feed in Tariff.

Does this mean that we can see the Solar Feed in Tariff changing regularly? And offering the opposite effect to the issue Mr Davey is trying to resolve…

What does this mean for you as a consumer wishing to have a Solar PV Installation?

Based on the recent announcement and in an unbiased way I would suggest those contemplating a Solar Pv Installation should go for it, certainly before March 3rd, a logical solution – Those who wait to have their installation after that date may be hit with unwanted issues regarding Solar Feed in Tariffs and EPC certificates.

I hope that statement doesn’t sound like a sales pitch and you can see the logical side of my views, an installation before the 3rd would be “Hassle Free” – I am Interested to here your opinions on the matter in hand…

Read the recent Solar Feed in Tariff reform statement.

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