Official Green Deal Launch Date Announcement

The Green Deal is a hot topic at the moment so it’s no wonder that the question of a launch date remains; so when will the Green Deal actually launch? After much speculation and many different dates it seems that in actual fact the green deal launched on October 1st 2012 – that’s right, property owners could have an assessment carried out on their property from that date however… there was a slight hitch that meant although the assessment could be carried out – no work could be complete until a further date (at this point that date was unknown).

An official date has now been released which is:

28th January 2013 – Official Green Deal Launch Date

What now?

You can now have your Green Deal Assessment carried out, once this is complete you can then find a Green Deal provider who will organise installation and take care of the financial part of the Green Deal.

We’re here to help – if you’re interested in the Green Deal and would like some help/ information or would like to find a Green Deal assessor or provider then please feel free to contact us and one of our renewable energy experts will provide as much assistance as possible.