Solar PV

Earn a tax free income & reduce your electricity bills with solar pv

What are Solar PV (Photovoltaic) Panels?

Solar PV is a renewable energy technology that allows you to produce your own electricity by the use of solar pv panels. Solar Panels have become popular in recent years due to the Feed-in-Tariff that our government offers, the FIT tariff allows you to receive tax free payments based on the amount of energy your system produces. Solar Panels are thought to be the leading renewable energy technology and now used throughout the world to power homes and commercial properties.

How does Solar PV work?

Solar Panels are positioned on the roof of your property in a position that will allow them to operate at their full potential; they are sat on a metal frame which is mounted to the roof of your property. The panels on your roof taking in direct current, the direct current is then converted to alternating current by an inverter which is positioned in your property. This is the electricity used to power the appliances you use in your home or commercial property on a daily basis.

How can you benefit from Solar PV?

- Save on electricity

- Receive Tax FREE payments from the Feed-in-Tariff

- Reduce your Carbon Footprint

- Sell surplus energy to the grid