Solar Thermal

Earn a tax free income & reduce your energy bills with solar thermal panels

What is Solar Thermal?

Solar thermal is a form of renewable energy that is used to heat water in both domestic and commercial properties – The water heated from a solar thermal system is used to provide you with hot water and to heat your properties central heating system. Solar thermal systems are a great way of reducing your energy bills and with the possibility of receiving a tax free income from the Renewable Heat Incentive, solar thermal is becoming a popular technology.

How does Solar Thermal Work?

Solar thermal panels are installed on your roof, in a position that will allow your system to operate at its highest potential – Those solar thermal panels contain cells made up of liquid, the liquid within those cells is heated by the energy they absorb from the sun. The solar thermal panels are just part of the system and connected to a hot water cylinder which allows heat to be transferred from those cells to your cylinder. Heat is gathered in your cylinder and then distributed by your boiler, thus giving you hot water and central heating.

How can you benefit from Solar Thermal?

- Reduce you heating bills

- Receive Tax FREE payments from the Renewable Heat Incentive

- Reduce your Carbon Footprint

- Possibly increase the value of your property